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Looking for Volunteers: 

Duties include the following CURET’s curriculum for educating adult learners in adult literacy, numeracy; mentoring in New Arrival Resource Center, computer/technology, Citizenship/Civics Education, Health Literacy, and Financial Literacy and teaching at various levels. We do not expect volunteers to be experts in the stated areas; workshops, seminars, and professional development opportunities are provided as support.


Who CURET is looking for to serve as volunteers?

CURET is looking for individuals with personal commitment to give something back to improve the lives of residents of the Hartford area. A volunteer should be willing to participate in an initial training and debriefing session and is able to take part in the CURET cultural experience. CURET expects volunteers to be able to provide language support for adults in our Adult Literacy and Numeracy to Employment Program. Also, there are other programs. Also, that may be of interest to a volunteer.


Volunteers’ Skills should include: a personal commitment, patience, ability to relate to adult learners of diverse backgrounds, which may include different cultures and varied socioeconomic levels.




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