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Front Row (seated from left):

Cora Ricketts, Vernon Beckford, Paulette Burchell, Barbara Ewing.


Back Row, Standing (from left):

Dr. Henry Haye, Gretchen Johnson, Dr. Lenford Lawes, Dr. Thomas Aldridge, Louis Ruddock, Dean Rhoden

From Left:

Laureen Thomas, Maurice Gabbidon, Vivienne Gervin.


Ricardo Rhone. (standing)

Seated are the students and two UHART Interns: Tony Dumont and Matthew Montalvo.

Dr. Fiona Vernal and Yonlanda Bonnick

(The two teachers in the rear)

Mark Bailey, Nora Brown, and Maurice Gabbidon in conversation, reflecting on their experience as teachers in CURET's Adult Education Program.

Judith Forrester instructing her students.

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